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Unmasking Greyhound Therapy – Navigating homeless conundrum

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The issue of homelessness in North Cowichan has ignited a multifaceted dialogue, intensified by an article propagated by media powerhouse Black Press. While their narrative resonates across various platforms, a deeper exploration into the issue reveals a web of complexities. Contrasting this corporate perspective are the stories shared directly by the homeless residents themselves. In our pursuit of understanding, we must not only challenge media narratives but also consider the factors that might attract or deter individuals from seeking shelter and support within our community.

Black Press’s influence reverberates far and wide, demonstrated by their widely shared articles that leave an impression of thorough investigation and extensive coverage. Yet, beneath this surface narrative lies the question of local relevance and accuracy. As we unravel the experiences of those most affected by homelessness, we encounter a reality that challenges the media’s sweeping assertion.

Engaging with North Cowichan’s homeless community unveils an alternate account. Their lived experiences suggest the arrival of newcomers with distinctive behaviours and interactions that stand in contrast to the established homeless network’s ethos of mutual support. While Black Press contends against such claims, it is these direct accounts that punctuate the evolving dynamics that media representation might miss.

Another viewpoint adding layers to this discourse is the “build it, they will come” concept. It posits that increasing treatment beds, homeless housing, and shelters might inadvertently attract more homeless individuals to the area. Conversations with BC Housing reveal the availability of supportive housing on the provincial level. Residents from outside the community can apply and relocate to secure housing here, amplifying the complexity of the issue and challenging the viewpoint entirely.

Concerns surrounding “build it, they will come” are factual and based on reality.
Healthcare professionals shed more light on the phenomenon termed “Greyhound Therapy,” a practice Black Press disputes. Over the last five years, verifiable instances of individuals being transported from other areas challenge the narrative’s dismissal as mere rumour. North Cowichan’s temperate climate certainly exerts a pull, but the motivations driving such journeys extend beyond a search for warmth.

Piecing together these diverse narratives yields a mosaic of perspectives. The voices from the streets challenge established corporate narratives and hint at a reality that warrants attention. Beyond the headlines and the media’s powerful influence, it is these individual stories that lend credence to the idea that newcomers are far more than an isolated anomaly.

Navigating the juncture of media representation, personal narratives, and the spectre of increasing support facilities, we are confronted with a complex scenario. While Black Press may shape perceptions, it’s the voices of those who know this reality firsthand that anchor us. By acknowledging these disparate viewpoints, we forge a path toward a more comprehensive comprehension of the issue at hand, forging solutions that cater to the diverse needs of North Cowichan’s residents.


In this intricate tapestry of narratives surrounding North Cowichan’s homelessness, it’s imperative that we move beyond passive consumption and become active participants in shaping solutions. While media narratives and government programs play a role, they’re not the sole answers. It’s crucial to uplift and empower the grassroots initiatives that truly understand the dynamics on the ground. Initiatives like Life on Wheels embody this ethos, offering boots-on-the-ground assistance and insights that often elude institutionalized reports. By supporting these local efforts, we bridge the gap between narratives and reality, cultivating a community that stands united in the face of a multifaceted challenge. As we collectively work toward change, let us remember that transformation begins at the local level, one empathetic step at a time.

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