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Unveiling Green Colonialism: The Exploitative Reality of Carbon Credit Deals in Africa

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In a significant development in the global ‘carbon credit scheme’, the Liberian government is reportedly in discussions with Blue Carbon LLC, a Dubai-based entity chaired by a member of Dubai’s ruling royal family.

 The proposed agreement would grant Blue Carbon LLC exclusive rights to utilize a staggering 10 percent of Liberia’s land—a parcel exceeding six times the area of London—for the purpose of generating carbon credits. This move, purportedly to align with certain international ‘green’ agreements, raises grave concerns about sovereignty, transparency, and the welfare of Liberian, and other developing nations, citizen’s.

If finalized, the deal would afford Blue Carbon LLC unparalleled control over the designated land for a prolonged period of 30 years, effectively usurping the rights of local communities, their ability to use their own land for wealth, or even carbon credits themselves. 

 Blue Carbon LLC’ grift extends beyond Liberia’s borders, with similar agreements reportedly in progress with Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya. These agreements, if realized, would place vast expanses of land under the control of Blue Carbon LLC, disproportionately impacting the lives and livelihoods of countless individuals. The secretive nature of these negotiations has rightly sparked condemnation from experts and civil society organizations, who decry the lack of transparency and public accountability.

Critics have denounced these agreements as modern-day manifestations of land grab or ‘carbon colonialism’ – the exploitation of vulnerable communities for the benefit of wealthy corporations. The absence of consultation with affected communities exposes the exploitative nature of these deals, which prioritize profit, disguised as a ‘climate initiative’,  over the well-being of local populations.

 The proposed carbon credit scheme facilitated by Blue Carbon LLC represents a flagrant disregard for the rights and dignity of those most vulnerable to exploitation. By allowing wealthy polluters to continue business as usual under the guise of environmental stewardship, these agreements perpetuate a cycle of injustice and inequality. The land grab orchestrated by Blue Carbon LLC and similar entities poses a dire threat to the sovereignty and well-being of African nations, and further brings an eye to the hypocrisy often shown by companies with wealth to buy carbon credits, while the ‘peasants’ such as you and the regular folk, must go more and more ‘without’ to meet arbitrary carbon goals.

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