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What is 432?

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Seems like an easy question, but it is actually quite a deep study going back millennia, that will only be broached herein. Some describe 432 as the cosmic number. Perhaps most simply, Pythagorean mathematics reduces 432 to the sum of its individual numbers (4+3+2) or 9. Attributed to Galileo is the statement that the book of nature is written in mathematical symbols.

From the Bible, where the beginning of the universe is described as word or vibration, to the Greeks who viewed the universe as mathematically based, to modern quantum physics with its studies of matter and energy, particles and waves, and everything in between, regardless of place or period, vibration is again and again presented as foundational and fundamental. While it is beyond the scope of this article, some go so far as to say that within the principles upon which our numerical system is built may be found the mathematical fingerprint of God.

What may be most relevant to the current condition of the “modern” world is 432 hertz as a musical foundation. While not all agree on degree of importance or relevance, and tuning systems have varied across time and musical types, perhaps connected to the A432 tuning are some curious and compelling, some might say, coincidences. Simply put, 432 features as one of the building blocks of the universe. Whether as the approximate square root of the alleged speed of light, 186 000 miles per second, or as related to the alleged diameter of the moon at 2160 miles (4320/2) or roughly equal to the alleged radius of the sun (432 000 miles), or even the 432 dimples as determined to be optimal on the lowly golf ball, 432 and its fractals are ever-present. This study potentially deepens significantly into the field known as sacred geometry from which all architecture and music are ultimately rooted.

Most recently, in 1955 the International Organization for Standardization set the tuning of the A above the piano’s middle C at 440 hertz or A 440 (alternatively, ISO 16 tuning). While many suggest there are nefarious reasons for this standard, with the results of this disharmony evidenced on any 6 o’clock news program, what is more compelling are the benefits that may be derived from music in the A 432 tuning. Some refer to this as True Solfeggio.* While this is not controversy-free either, the truth is that most people have a basic understanding of solfeggio as the do-re-mi musical system. This begins with middle C and ascends on the piano white keys to the next do or C- the complete octave. Notwithstanding any technical or conspiratorial considerations, there has been a resurgence of the use of 432 hertz as the foundational tuning tone in recent years.

Historically, Tibetan singing bowls made by monks have somehow been tuned by ear for who knows exactly how long to precisely this A 432 hertz scale. A youtube search will yield any number of compositions one can verify using a smartphone tuning app. Anyone who has listened to said singing bowls can attest to their profound and visceral effects. Many have experienced healings of all manners as a result of experiencing these ephemeral soundscapes touching the eternal. At the very least they can complement any other step on the healing journey, be it a trip to the dentist to more esoteric modalities, by easing distress, promoting de-stress, and supporting health by relieving dis-ease. Does it matter to what frequency the bowls are tuned? Science may or may not be able to answer fully such questions presently. Discounting perhaps thousands of years of tradition without sound grounds, well…that would be rather “post-modern” some might say.

So, is there scientific evidence for the health benefits of A 432 tuning? The short answer is yes. Not only has it been shown to reduce inflammation, but it has also been shown to reduce emotional stress. A 2020 JAOS (Journal of Applied Oral Science) study paper states that dental care is “one of the five most feared situations.” Because of its calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system, music serves to reduce anxiety in patients. This paper measured the salivary cortisol levels of a control group, as well as groups listening to A 440 and A 432 tuned music. Both music groups produced less stress chemicals than the control group and the A 432 group fared best of all. While music in both tunings was described as relaxing, the impact of personal preference was not noted in the results. Interestingly, there was no change in the patients’ clinical perception of anxiety in this study. Other studies have shown a decrease in perceived anxiety, as well as benefits to blood pressure and heart rate. While limited, still other studies show the benefits of music and specifically A 432 for both healthcare providers and patients alike.

While most people may not be able to distinguish consciously between tunings, an argument can be made that the less conscious aspects of living organisms often do. Will this cure the incurable or lead the blind to see? For the time being what role musical tuning can play in health outcomes must remain an open question. That all things are vibrational in nature appears to have been generally understood in many different ways since the beginning of time. Can this existential aspect be impacted by specific application of frequency? Simultaneously, in this question are embodied the most ancient of secrets and the vanguard of present day health inquiry.

For those with an interest in diving deeper, the work of Jamie Buturff on Youtube provides a useful departure point. Much of the information in this article can be found expanded upon beginning with the video titled The Cosmic 432. There are many others. Dissenting voices provide a counterpoint. True Solfeggio by Alex Michael stands out as a masterpiece of modern and healing music that would be well worth the auditory excursion for any audiophile looking to explore the frontier of the 432 universe. Bon voyage.
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Steven Lay is a quantum healing practitioner who works remotely, or in person and offers a sliding scale for those with financial challenges. Steven can be reached at 250-874-1369

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