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Your Subconscious is a Gift!

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The unknowns of life can be pleasing,

Like selecting a chocolate from an elegant gift box or they can be upsetting and overwhelming causing states like anxiety, depression, addiction and insomnia. Distress is like a negatively charged ion and wellbeing is like a positively charged one. When we bring these into proximity, they powerfully attract each other. Hypnotherapy harnesses the mind’s ability to bring about changes that bring the body, mind and spirit into homeostasis, balance and connection. Because we are not meant to live in prolonged states of suffering, the subconscious mind has a primary objective to heal.  Hypnotherapy is based on using this ability as well as the other primary objective; to protect.  The mind will not reveal anything it’s not ready to address, nor will it accept suggestions that go against morals, values and beliefs.  A clinician does not control the client in any way.  Stage hypnotists don’t want you to know this!  They are capitalizing on the class clowns, who love to be the centre of attention at any cost. The goal is entertainment, not healing.  

Hypnosis is the natural and safe ability of the mind to hyper focus on something.  If you’ve ever driven somewhere and become aware you are farther along than you realized, you my friend have already experienced the natural state of hypnosis. Your mind was simply focusing on something else while you drove because nothing out of the ordinary was happening that you needed to pay attention to.  This also happens when we watch a good movie, or read a great book, identify with the characters and storyline, and focus solely on that rather than the fact that our leg has fallen asleep, or the dog needs to go out.  Hypnosis happens when the mind enters the theta frequency, which also happens just before sleeping and waking.

Hypnotherapy uses teaching, tools, and techniques to get really clear about the thing you want more of instead of that old thing that’s holding you back.  Through skilled questions and observation, the clinician draws out the client’s own inherent wisdom. The past can then be reframed, and new awarenesses anchored in.  Here’s the discovery that I want to shout from the rooftops, hypnotherapy is like the legend inside that box of chocolate! It helps identify thoughts, feelings and actions that you want more of. During hypnosis, the abundant of states of wellbeing are nurtured and will begin to manifest.  

As clients are empowered with new information about themselves, are shown why and how to make changes in thoughts, emotions, and actions, are given tools to make these shifts, and further reinforce the state of wellbeing in hypnosis, clients will experience more wellbeing simply because that is the focus of their energy.  The effects of hypnotherapy continue long after the session is complete, and clients can expect to experience positive changes indefinitely. 

Hypnotherapy is a gift

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