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LtE – Bonnie Henry’s event

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I was surprised to see that Police Chief Manak of Victoria spoke concerning people protesting at Dr. Bonnie Henry’s documentary and that he was worried about potential violence.

This was a shock because we attended a protest at the Legislature Buildings that had been properly licensed and peacefully attended but had definite violence and frightening aspects to it and the police did nothing about the violent offenders, Police Chief Manak said nothing and the Times Colonist did not report what happened at this protest accurately.

Which protest was this? This was the March4Millions that was organized by parents wanting to protect their children in schools. Where was the violence? From opposition to this protest from government and teacher union thugs and others. These thugs at one point surrounded a group of Muslim parents and children and were screaming in their faces “Go back where you came from!” including racist slurs and expletives over and over again and making extremely aggressive gestures towards them. These same thugs circled the organizers and were so aggressive towards them that the police got between the organizers and the thugs. The police were visibly nervous and concerned for the safety of the organizers. The police told these organizers to pack their things and leave quickly as they were afraid that they could not control these thugs who were progressively moving towards violence. The speakers that had been organized were not allowed to finish speaking. The aggressive thugs won. A blow to democracy in our country. Where were the concerns of the Chief of Police and the Times Colonist then?

Why and when has Canada become a “2 Law” Canada?

John & Carol Money

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